Panic Away Reviews

Panic Away Reviews

The power my mind has over my body has always fascinated me. I’ve suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for a long time, and I’ve always known deep down inside that something was a little off. I don’t know how it describe it, but I would go out in public, get dizzy, turn red, start sweating and feel really crappy. I dealt with it for years by trying to avoid situations that would bring my anxiety on. I think this is why it started getting worse. Instead of going out and enjoying life, I would sit at home, get depressed and get more anxious.

It happened a lot when I was falling asleep.; thoughts would start racing through my head. It would scare me, and I would stay up all night freaking myself out. I tried to will my anxiety away, but that didn’t really work; it made me nervous, upset and I kind of felt hopeless.

I started reading online and found Panic Away; I gave it a shot because they had a five dollar trial. I figured why not…

The auto-renew was pricey, but I was just going to return it if I didn’t like it. I went to their website, put in my information and ordered it.

What’s It About?

Basically, the program tries to teach you how to “embrace” your anxiety. It works, but it’s not a miracle cure; you really have to put effort into it. I thought it was cool, but it was really uncomfortable at first. The book has you put yourself into situations that make you anxious, and then it has you “accept” your anxiety. I guess this is supposed to train your unconscious mind.

I’m telling you… sitting there trying to “embrace” your anxiety sucks at first, but it does get better after a while. I’ve kind of made it into a game… Sometimes I feel like I’m acting, but it really has helped me control my emotions… The book also went into your fight or flight reflexes and stuff… Basically your instincts kick in when they aren’t needed, and that’s what causes your anxiety. Panic Away has you embrace those emotions, the book says they will never hurt you. Once your drill that into your subconscious, your panic and anxiety aren’t as bad… Basically you learn how to not freak yourself out!

Panic Away works, but it isn’t some miracle one day cure… I practice every day, and I take magnesium supplements. The routine seems to work for me… I occasionally still get panic attacks, but they really aren’t so bad… I just kind of take a “whatever” attitude towards them…

I say give it a try along with magnesium supplements… It can’t hurt, and it’s better than taking drugs.


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